A Woman's Guide To Safe, Spirit-Led Christian Online Dating (E-Book Instant Download)

A Woman's Guide To Safe, Spirit-Led Christian Online Dating (E-Book Instant Download)

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Before setting up your online dating profile or continuing on one, read this first.

If you’re thinking about setting up an online dating profile and are wondering if doing so is truly God’s will for you – read this first.

Inside you’ll discover

-How to be found by your man of God, who just may be looking for you online.

-How to sort through the wolves in sheep’s clothing and discover the ones who are sincerely looking for lifelong love.

-Whether or not Christian online dating is for you. 

-Red flags to look out for while dating online.

What Others Say About The Book

“If you have ever questioned, ‘Is it God’s will?’ then you should definitely read it. Short, sweet and to the point. Great scriptures and well worth the money.” -Camille Jenkins

“This book had very good advice and timely wisdom. It is not sugar coated and it is the best Christian advise on the subject of CHRISTIAN online dating . It will make you Think and consider, take off the rose colored glasses. Since Christian online dating can be viewed as desperate and risky, this book priceless information and thought provoking tips and facts that should be considered about this “fad”. This book is well written and addresses a very needed subject…”  -Pamela Durenbrown

“I did glean a lot from the advice given. I think the advice is good to apply to regular dating as well. I really resonated with her thoughts on “holding your peace”. I have learned the hard way. Thankful for this book and thankful for Kim’s ministry!!!” -Nina Borum

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