He's Saved...But is He For Real? (Sequel eBook) *Only on Amazon*

He's Saved...But is He For Real? (Sequel eBook) *Only on Amazon*

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About The Book 

It’s been almost two years since Michelle Williamson’s boyfriend, Pierre Dupree, walked out on her to marry a minister’s daughter. Since then, Michelle’s friendship with her church buddy David has deepened into something sweet and special, but learning that Pierre has called off his wedding throws her into confusion. When Pierre wants Michelle back, she’s forced to make a choice—one she may regret.Liz Coleman has two great blessings—her calling as a minister, and a saved man who truly loves her. But Liz’s insecurity and jealousy are eating at her peace of mind and threatening her relationship.Sandy has found the strength to get her ex out of her life. But meeting a loving, spiritual man to replace him isn’t easy, and soon her loneliness leads her to the one brother who should be off-limits….With their hearts and souls on the line, Michelle, Liz and Sandy are learning that a good, saved man isn’t always easy to find—but he’s definitely worth waiting for.

What Others Say About It 


“Now this is a sequel!”  -Outspoken Diva, Dallas, TX

“One of the best books I have ever read!  From start to finish as you read each chapter you are always wondering what will happen next?”  -Terri

“I’m glad she did a sequel to He’s Fine but is He Saved. This book was very good and better than the first one she wrote. It’s basically a continuation on the lives of three young ladies and their journey in finding love. This book was suspenseful from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed the dating adventures Sandy was going through to find true love. This book is so fun and enjoyable to read. By the way things ended in this book, I hope she does Part III. It still had you guessing for more. She did a very good job with this one.”   -T. Winston

“Great sequel!” -S. Simmons, Anderson, SC

“This is the continuation of Kim Brooks’ He’s Fine But Is He Saved?, where friends Michelle, Liz and Sandy continue their quest for love. In He’s Saved But Is He For Real?, Brooks allows her readers to accompany these three women as they continue their respective searches for “the one.” Complicating matters in each of their respective searches, Michelle is in a relationship at the time “fine as ever” Pierre Dupree resurfaces, begging her back in his life after having duped her at the alter two years ago. Liz finds herself vulnerable and insecure in her new relationship; later finding that something from her past is withholding her from truly being able to love like God intended. Sandy is still falling for the same old tricks, not only does she continue hurting herself, she hurts those closest to her.

Michelle’s strength and obedience in this story is truly amazing. The character trait I liked most in Michelle was the supernatural ability to forgive after having been wronged by someone close to her. Liz confronts her past in order that she is released for her future and Sandy, well she’s still Sandy with a lot of growing to do. I think Brooks’ next novel in the series just may hold the answer to Sandy’s fate. With the help of friends and family, and obedience to God’s word, each of the ladies learn that she must let go and let God in finding true love.

Another point I’d like to mention is that while ” . . . Is He For Real?” is the continuation of “. . . Is He Saved?,” this book can stand alone for people like myself who did not read Brooks’ first release. I particularly liked Brooks’ writing style and the story progression. I’d definitely recommend this book and look forward to more from this author.” -Tavares Carney