He's Fine...But is He Saved? (Best Selling Novel) *Only on Amazon*

He's Fine...But is He Saved? (Best Selling Novel) *Only on Amazon*

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About The Book

“Where are all the Fine, Saved Brothas?” Sandy attracts men who are only interested in sex. Now that she is saved, will she ever meet the right one? Michelle dated Pierre Dupree, her church’s finest and most eligible bachelor. She just knew he was “The One,” but could she be wrong? Liz hasn’t dated in two years. She is too busy taming her single mother who is forty-five-going-on-twenty-five. Besides, Liz has given up on men, period.

Three Single Girlfriends

Three Separate Issues with Men

One Lord and Savior of All

What Others Say About It 

“A Terry McMillan-like novel with a Christian Twist.”  -The Detroit News

“Kimberley Brooks debuts on the inspirational scene with a well developed plot and believable characters in her heartwarming and engrossing novel. He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? engages you from the first page to the last.”
Jacquelin Thomas, author of The Prodigal Husband and Soul Journey

“Author, Kimberley Brooks skillfully weaves a tale that will make you laugh, cry, and say amen! This book is a breath of fresh air that intertwines biblical truths into real life situations. The characters are identifiable and real!” -Image Magazine

“We’ve all been there. Praying, hoping and wishing Mr. Right Now could somehow become ‘Mr. Right.’ He’s Fine . . . But Is He Saved? captivated me from the very first page. I couldn’t wait until the end! This is the book that every young and adult woman must buy for herself and a friend or two. Read it together. You’ll loooove it!” Marina Woods, Founder, The GOOD GIRL Book Club and Editor In Chief 

“Looks don’t mean a thang, he’s only a fine devil if he ain’t got Jesus! Fiction comes to life in this book as it becomes a voice of single women and their challenges with finding true love and happiness.” Ty Adams, author of bestselling Single, Saved, and Having Sex 

“He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? is a powerfully honest depiction of what women go through while waiting to be found by love.”  –Stephanie Perry Moore, Bestselling Author of Flame, Payton Skky series and A Lova’ Like No Otha’ 

“Fun, refreshing, and exciting! He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? is a realistic, contemporary novel that proves how, in the midst of all the drama, God truly holds the outcome.” –Ed Gray, author of 40 Days to a Life of G.O.L.D. (God-Ordained Life Development) www.EdGraySpeaks.com

“This is a book that will grab your attention, challenge your motives, and move you to reach for the expectations of God in finding the right relationship.” Pastor Louis Smith, author of bestseller Sexual Sins of the Bible www.DominionIntl.org
“Awesome! He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? is an intriguing and exciting novel that superbly unveils the glorious plans God has for our love lives.” –Gillis Triplett, author of Why People Choose The Wrong Mate 

“I’ve watched Kim over the time she has been working on this novel. I have seen very few people as dedicated to her dream as she has been. Kim is a gifted writer. Her style of writing draws you in and keeps you engaged. She has worked hard to bring this novel into being. I congratulate her on a job well done.” –Rebecca Osaigbovo, author of Chosen Vessels and It’s Not About You -It’s About God 

“You find a little of yourself in each character. A very easy read, light-hearted, and it gets the point across about living a happy, uncompromising, single Christian life.” –LaKeisha A. Monts, financial coach 

“This book is a must read. Kim Brooks candidly addresses issues like dating, sex, careers, and spirituality in an honest, but upbeat tone. You will come away refreshed, challenged, and inspired.” –Tonya Phillips, Esq. Detroit, MI

RAWSISTAZ RAW Rating: 4 (out of 5 stars)  HE’S FINE BUT IS HE SAVED is a fast-paced book that deals with real life issues. What I enjoyed most about the book were that the issues were easy to relate to. Anyone reading this book could see herself in one of these characters. Although the issues at hand were at times tough to deal with, they knew that God had their back, and if they just trusted in Him all else would fall into place. Reviewed by Eraina B. Tinnin of The RAWSISTAZ(TM) Reviewers http://www.rawsistaz.com “Like so many single sisters, Sandy, Michelle and Liz are each looking for “the one”: a man whobTs fine and financially fit – and who’s found God. Too tall an order? That’s what it’s starting to look like when it comes to the men they meet. Sandy, who’s just accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, attracts only sex maniacs. Michelle, a successful human relations director, can’t understand how Pierre Dupree, her church’s most eligible bachelor, got away from her. And Liz, an elementary school teacher, hasn’t dated in years, as all her attention has been spent trying to tame her wild, heavy drinking, promiscuous momma, who’s 45 and acts 25…. But can these women truly walk with Jesus and find true love? They’ll just have to have faith!”